My dog can't be off-lead, is it still possible to have a shoot?

Absolutely! You wouldn't believe it, but most of my sessions are carried out with the dog on lead AT ALL TIMES! We will only ever let them off -lead if you are 100% confident they have a good recall and we are in a safe place to do so. 

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Not at all! I've worked with all sorts of dogs, from the most well behaved and focused agility superstars, to the most nervous and scared shelter dog and everything in between. The thing that makes the photos I take special is their personality. I will always get great photos where their personality shines through! No matter how they behave. 

My dog isn't very well behaved, is that a problem?

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I have kids and I would love to have them in the photos with my pets. Do you include family members in the photos also?

Yes, in fact I highly encourage it. Pets are a huge part of the whole family, and I would love to help you make memories with everyone in them. 

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Do you only photograph dogs?

While the majority of pets I photograph are dogs, I definitely work with other animals too! I have in the past photographed people with their cats, birds, lizards, snakes and even a ferret or two!

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Do you choose the location, or do I?

I know a heap of locations that are best for me to work in for light and backgrounds, so I can always suggest something near you. 
If, however, you have a favourite place you go to with your pet than let me know and I'll check it out to see if it will be suitable. 

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Can you hold the session in my home?

Sometimes, yes. But it depends on your particular home and what the light and location are like. Rest assured, if there is something specific you are after I will always do my best to make it happen. 

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I've just found out my dog is very sick, is there a way you can do an urgent session?

Yes, If your dog is terminal I will do my best to put you into my schedule at the last minute. Please call my rather than email is this situation.

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When I send your images to print in my lab, I know that professional printers are handling the process. They have calibrated the colour in their printers and use the best materials possible.
While I prefer to manage the printing process for you so I can keep an eye on the quality of how my work shows up, I do understand there are circumstances where you may want to print yourself.
For this reason I offer High Res files as an add on to any print order, and I can give you some tips on how to have the printed well. 

Do you offer High Res Digital files?

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