I don’t have the usual background of a photographer. I wasn’t born with a camera in my hand, and I’m not the person who’s been obsessed with taking photos since 5 years of age. That came much later in life for me.

I did, however, grow up on a farm and animals have always been integral to my life. My weekends were spent riding my horse and School Holidays showing cattle at Royal Agricultural Shows. We had Dogs, Cats, Sheep, Cows, Horses and ferrets. My Parents still live on the property ‘Warialda’ (or colloquially called The Farm) in Victoria, and although most of the animals I grew up with have long gone - apart from one of the Stud Cows who is over 20 years old - I still visit whenever I’m back in Melbourne. My Photography start happened when I got Jippy - he’s my now 16yr old, blind, Silky Terrier cross. We simply had a connection like nothing I’ve ever felt before and he became my muse in my backyard. When Missy came along 8 years later, it became about creating memories of them together. Time spent with them was filled with fleeting moments and funny expressions and I wanted to hold onto those moment forever.Pretty soon it was clear that I needed to work with dogs, and Photography became both a creative obsession and the catalyst to make that happen.Now I do it because I genuinely want to help others fulfill that same need I had to hold onto the moments for themselves. 

The thing is, (hard truth coming) our time together with our pets just doesn’t last long enough, and you have to immortalize those moments while you can.Just do yourself the biggest favour you can and don’t wait, I hear too many times from people they were waiting for the right time and then something happened and it was too late. 

The best time to have your memories created is right now. 

If you're ready to make some of your own memories with your best friend, let me help you do it.


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